Who are we ?

We are a selective group of people, beings that live in a conscious state of mind, aware of how things move here, on planet Earth. We take different practices to increase our awareness and connect to nature.
We bring ourselves to be present and in the Here & Now, and constantly thrive to find how it is to Just B

We wish to share our knowledge, understanding, skills and the way we choose to live our life.

We live in Nature, among living trees, vibrant environment, wild life, birds and Monkeys, lizards and insects. Our home base – B-Home Sanctuary, is situated in the lush jungle of south west Costa Rica, on the border of Osa peninsula, near Dominical (a beautiful Surf town) and in the mountains above the ocean.
At B-home it is easy to Just B. The sacred space allows visitors and locals to search for their true self and find how it feels to just B, without being judged or criticised.

Who am I ? What is this universe ? Why am I here ? What do I want ?
Who is the “I” wanting ? What is my true self ? What does he/she wants ?
What is the path to Just B ?

B home meditation, is part of our daily practice.

Orpheus B

Creator and Founder of Just B – Mystery and Wisdom School and B-Home Sanctuary, Orpheus is the creative mind behind all “Just B” activities.
Time-bender, magician, pirate, yogi, monk, father, doctor, pilot, shaman, healer, musician, writer and teacher are just a few worlds to try capture a portrait of Orpheus. In an ever expanding state of consciousness his mission is to provide pure space for healing and self growth, to serve and touch as many souls as possible with his unique talent to guide, inspire and activate people.



Amor has extensive experience as a Shamanic Practitioner, Therapist and Yoga Instructor. He has traveled across the world to meet eastern and western Teachers and Shamans, guiding him into his natural talent to assist people in their healing process with holistic and shamanic methods. His expertise are Shamanic journeying, natural therapies, Sound healing therapy and transformational bodywork. Amor has received his Yoga certificates in Israel and India and is now combining his yogic wisdoms with shamanic elements.

Eva B

An intuitive energy and sound healer, Eva is specialised in sound healing and voice activation. She is trained as a yoga instructor and has been teaching in various yoga studios in Europe. Eva has studied shamanic practices in Peru and Mexico while working with sacred plant medicines.

Her mission is to support participants growth during retreats, holding space during ceremonies and offering individual consultations as well as teaching yoga and healthy nutrition.
Partner of Orpheus B and co-creator of “JustB” activities, Eva’s intention is to connect people with their inner sound that carries the initial spark of the universal source consciousness. She loves to share her gentle essence during ceremony and support fellow souls on their awakening path.