Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a metaphysical exercise. It is not just an exercise. It is not just a martial art or a sport.
It is a multi-level discipline one can study his whole life.

Tai Chi is a way of life. It is a teacher to the body and mind. It is a guide to a connection to the divine, to the great source of energy.

What is Tai Chi?

It is a connection to Tao, the great Path.

Tai Chi is a healing art, a meditation in motion. It is a gentle and slow dance, that performed by connecting several defined movements into a set, a form.

The form is sometimes called Kata, a set of movements that are carefully designed to activate and open Channels of energy in the body.

Tai Chi is based on Chinese medicine and the understanding of meridian flow, Qi flow, Energy flow in our body. It is a knowledge of more than 4000 years, practiced daily by millions of people and explored by thousands in a deeper way.

Once you learn a basic form, you starting to get the feel of how Tai Chi opens your body to a better flow of Qi. This Qi is described as ‘life force energy’. This Qi flows everywhere, in and out the body. Tai Chi is special it the sense that it increases and enhance this flow of Qi in the body. Tai Chi takes you on a journey to explore your body energetics to any level you wish to dive. From the basics of coordinated movement, cooperation of body, mind and breathe to the Meta-physical aspects of it. Those aspects are like a very deep meditation that once tuned in, an experience of unity happens. This unity is the connection to the great cosmic energy that flows constantly in and out of the body.

Since our body is an energetic field, and the skin is full of pores, or halls, you can understand that energy can flow in and out freely. It has a special mechanism to protect us from being depleted (like a deflating balloon) but this mechanism also allows substances to flow out when needed.

With Tai Chi, the energy flows in rather than out, hence you have a feeling of being charged after a good practice. Over time you will feel more energetic, stronger, with a better self-defence system (immune) and much more benefits.

The connection to the cosmic energy is the essence of Tai Chi being a spiritual practice as well as physical.

Our special retreats of four elements introduce Tai-chi to a deeper level, and offer a short form of 8 steps, called “Infi8 Tai Chi” designed by Orpheus, to suit all people, in a short and effective practice.