7 Day Shamanic Yoga Retreat Costa Rica

Dates 2020

25.-31. January

23.-29. May

04-10. July

Aug-Sep-Oct 2020 Europe

Immerse in Shamanic wisdom and yoga practice!

A specially designed retreat that will introduce you to the practices of different traditions (Huicholes, Shipibo, Lacota, Kogis, Aburiginies) which are involved in Shamanic spiritual processes. All the Shamanic elements we tap into and experience, are to serve and facilitate healing, guidance, personal growth and empowerment.
We learn how to work and connect with the natural forces.

Seven days of unfolding layers of Ego and self-attachments. 

Connection to nature, elements, sacred plants, your cosmic soul and power animals guides.

You will discover and learn different traditions, songs, meditations, practices and communication with the elements of nature and your spirit guides.

The combination of yoga and shamanic tools will allow you the optimal foundation to open up and prepare the body and mind to the various mind altering experiences for connecting with the spiritual dimensions to receive healing and guidance in our lives.

Our purpose is to introduce you to different methods of shamanic practices, on the mind and the body, hence we connect Yoga and Qigong with shamanic elements. Our flow during the retreat is like water, we have a set goal and go with the flow. we practice dynamic mind and flexibility of thought and action. This relates to our schedule of events and the daily routine.


Daily Yoga or Qigong energetic Movement

Shamanic Wisdom Teachings

Animal yoga postures and guided visualisation 

Sound healing journey

Shamanic Soul Journey Ceremony

Temazcal / Kambo ritual

Raw and Vegan Healthy Food

Connecting with pure Nature

Communication with the elements

Digital Detox


Activities and ceremonies that penetrate the depth of the common mind and take us deeper, into self body-mind exploration 

Ceremonies – 

🔥Fire ceremony and chanupa blessings – connect to our inner Shaman- the FIRE and pipe offerings to pray, sing, connect to heart and tribe.

⭐Shamanic Soul Journey ceremony  – A Guided meditation to meet your power animals, angels and spirit guides – Pure, non-substances ceremony.

🌿Shamanic Tribal Acupuncture (optional) – In the Sacred Shamanic Setting receiving powerful activation with the help of Acupuncture, opening to your inner calling and connection to spirit.

☀ Temazcal – Native Indian Sweat lodge. A traditional way of detox, cleanse and shed layers of stagnant energy by sweating together inside a small covered tent, with the help of Lava rocks. with our local team from Costa Rica.
☀ Kambo – A deep detox practice that involve purging through both ends, emotional and mental cleanse.

💧Mucao ceremony – Sacred psilocybin mushrooms blend with cacao ceremony. A special decoction homemade served at night, in ceremonial setting, and for medicinal & divination use. It opens a portal to connect to spirit, angels and guides, as well as to own heart and unconscious mind.

💧Personal Soul Journey (optional, extra cost) – This experience is a deep dive into your soul wisdom. One of our team members will be guiding you to receive messages from the depth of your soul through a specific technique.

An example of daily schedule

7:00 – Meditation, Yoga and Shamanic Movement
8:30 –  Breakfast – Smoothie & fruits
10:00 – Shamanic Wisdom practice w. Orpheus and Amor
11:30 – Personal Treatments, Relaxation Time
13:00 – Lunch
15:00 – Connect with Nature, Eco farm tour & walk to river
16:30 – Ceremony and Shamanic Work
19:30 – Dinner and Integration

Retreat is limited to 16 people


🌺Vegan-Raw nutritious food – Organic fruits and veggies from local farms and from the land.
🌺Basic and comfortable accommodation – shared spaces of 2/3 people – shared bathrooms
* Placing your tent is welcomed.
* Private accommodation is available upon request (extra cost).

B Home Sanctuary is located in “The Farm – Fuente Verde” Diamante Valley, Costa Rica.

Contribution for the whole 7 days all inclusive:
Early bird price: $ 1,440 USD
Full price: $ 1,880 USD

Email us for more info:



Private Intuitive Healing sessions are upon request – Our team and Orpheus will offer free short consultations, and according to diagnosis you can choose to take 1-4 healing sessions during the retreat time (in the designated hours).
Healing may include Acupuncture, Deep tissue and acupressure massage, Gentle tapping Energy work (clearing blocks, opening circulation, chakras alignment, clearing negative energy), Shamanic blockage energy clearing.
Healing will be held in a quiet space. Questions can be asked.
(Cost: $100 per hour; $150 per 1.5 hrs).

Your Instructors and Guides

Orpheus B

Time-bender, magician, pirate, yogi, monk, doctor, pilot, shaman, healer, musician, writer and teacher are just a few worlds to try capture a portrait of Orpheus. In an ever expanding state of consciousness his mission is to provide pure space for healing and self growth, to serve and touch as many souls as possible with his unique talent to guide, inspire and activate people.

Ofir Amor

Amor has extensive experience as a Shamanic Practitioner, Therapist and Yoga Instructor. He has traveled across the world to meet eastern and western Teachers and Shamans, guiding him into his natural talent to assist people in their healing process with holistic and shamanic methods. His expertise are Shamanic journeying, natural therapies, Sound healing therapy and transformational bodywork. Amor has received his Yoga certificates in Israel and India and is now combining his yogic wisdoms with shamanic elements.