Qigong Teacher Training (QTT)

dates: 01-30th July 2021

An intensive and inclusive Qigong training, based on Wu-Ji Qigong form and the wisdom of traditional Chinese Medicine.

The course will give you foundation and good understanding of Qigong as an energetic exercise for body and mind. you will learn a sequence of movements that combine into a “form”, a “dance” with energy. you will feel energy and could play with it.

During the training you will experience much more than just Qigong. Being with a real master of arts and a Taoist Adept, is a unique opportunity to learn day by day while sharing space, observing and learning hands on different skills that are all related to life-style & consciousness.
This training will open you up to something far greater, a world of possibility, connecting to your hearts desires, dreams and aspirations, your passions & purpose in life.

This is about a holistic way of living, combining self practices that enhances one’s own energy. It is about self-growth and discovery, creating a better life and learning skills to pass on to others.
*Live a life that resonates with you and your true self.

*Orpheus B is a direct lineage student of the honorary great Master Duan Zhi Liang, who was the last torch of this family style Qigong. Orpheus is also a Chinese med. practitioner and a healer of many modalities.
*Orpheus delivers a clear and bright way of teaching this form of 18 steps, and includes a profound routine of stretching to it, breathing techniques and meditation practices as well.
*The course is designed for those who wish to become familiar with Qigong and take it as a way life style, gaining everyday from this powerful practice. Boosting exercise for self empowerment and healing.