28 Days QTT – Qigong Teacher Training Level 1

01. – 28. April 2020
Become a Qigong teacher – foundations and training

*This is a Formal Qigong Instructors training, based on Wu-Ji Qigong form and the wisdom of traditional Chinese Medicine.
*Orpheus B is a direct lineage student of the honorary great Master Duan Zhi Liang, who was the last torch of this family style Qigong. Orpheus is also a Chinese med. practitioner and a healer of many modalities.
*Orpheus delivers a clear and bright way of teaching this form of 18 steps, and includes a profound routine of stretching to it, breathing techniques and meditation practices as well.
*The course is designed for those who wish to become Qigong teachers and masters of the way, and wish to pass the light onwards to the rest of the world as well as for for self empowerment and healing. the course is filled with rich activities and surprises.


-This is a Formal Qigong Instructors training, Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoism.
*Learn three Individual Qigong Systems (Wu-Ji Style – Primordial Chaos Qigong; Five elements qigong; Detox qigong)
*Five Element Theory and practice of Chinese medicine
*Taoist life view and the “Tao the Ching”
*Receive an Initial personal diagnosis based on Chinese medicine
*Medical Detox Qigong explanations and application

-By attending this training you will gain:
*A Full Sequence Of Stretching Exercises Based On Yoga And Martial Arts
*A Full Sequences Of Qigong Forms
*A Deeper Understanding Of Energy Flow In Your Body
*A Deeper Connection With Yourself, Others And Nature
*A Deep Insight Into Taoism And The Natural Flow Of Life

-By attending this training you will have:
*A Deeper Understanding Of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Qigong
*A Better Understanding Of Alignment In The Body
*A Better Balance And posture
*A Calmer Mind And Clearer Focus
*A Deeper Sense Of Purpose
*Increased Blood And Energy (Qi) flow
*Learn To Self Practice A Powerful Form Of Qigong
*Detox Your Body and Mind
*Gain A Better Focused And Concentrated
*Follow a stretching routine.
*Tonify Your Immune System
*Create A Lesson Plan And Able To Teach Others


-Discover your true self, your true purpose. Connect with your true self and begin to share the gift of Qigong and help transform others.
-Do you want more ease in your life and to live without stress and worry?
Do you want to live in harmony with nature and have an unbounded source of energy to do all the things you want to do?Would you like to live more in the present?

Would you like to learn the secrets of longevity ?

How to reverse aging process to allow the cells in your body to rejuvenate and thrive?

Do you want to know the secrets of the natural flow of life (Tao)?

 – In this 28 Day – 200 hour Qigong teacher Training, you will learn the tools to enhance your life and to live life at a higher vibration with unique practice of energy.
During the teacher training you will experience much more than just Qigong. Being with a real master of arts and a Taoist Adept, is a unique opportunity to learn day by day while sharing space, observing and learning hands on different skills that are all related to life-style consciousness.
This training will open you up to something far greater, a world of possibility, connecting to your hearts desires, dreams and aspirations, your passions & purpose in life.

This retreat is about a holistic way of living, combining self practices that enhances one’s own energy. It is about self-growth and discovery, creating a better life and learning skills to pass on to others.
*Live a life that resonates with you and your true self. After this training, your view of the world may change and your life purpose might be much clearer.


6:00 AM – 7:00 AM – Meditation Practice
7:15 AM – 8:15 AM – Stretching and Gentle morning Qigong
8:30 AM – 10:00 PM – Breakfast
10:30 PM -12:30 PM – Lesson – Anatomy/Physiology/TCM
12:30 PM -2:30 PM – Lunch Break
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Teaching Practicum (self/guided)
5:00-6:30PM – Sunset Qigong
7:00 PM – Dinner & Relaxation
8:30 PM – Occasional night activity (Guided meditation/Movie…)

Join Master Orpheus B, a renowned International Teacher of Healing Arts, Qigong, Tai-Chi, Meditations, and Tao on this transformational training of self-discovery and the ancient teachings of Qigong.
*Master Qigong practitioner, veteran practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, master Acupuncturist and therapist, Orpheus is a renowned healer and teacher with practice of over 22 years. *Orpheus studied with great masters of Martial arts, mainly with Tai-chi and Qigong, and develop a unique style of teaching. He brings forward the ancient teaching in a modern and bright way, combining life wisdom, movement, meditations and breathing into his practice.


*Orpheus mission is to help people discover their true essence and mission and live life of authenticity and abundance.
Orpheus has put his life experience to create a deep and profound life changing experience using the Tao, his book ”B The Way”,the art of Qigong and meditation, his wisdom of body energetics and healing, to teach others how they too can share this treasure.
-Course Certification
Completion of this course provides you with a 200-hour Certified JustB school of mystery and wisdom Qigong Teacher qualification QTT level I.


Whats Included:

Full Teacher Training program
3 healthy meals daily plus snacks
Certificate upon completion of course requirements

Shared Twin Room4,900 USD
Double Room Single occupancy5,800 USD
Individual Jungle Cabin with private outdoor shower and toilet6,550 USD