Qi Gong

Energy Boosting Exercise. The basis to all internal martial arts.
It is an exercise that combines aware movement and breathing in harmony.
The movements focus on opening the channels of energy in the body and increase
blood and Qi flow in them.

Orpheus describes it as if you plug yourself to the source and charge your body, like you charge your phone.

The exercises include standing postures and gentle movements. It is a very relaxed exercise, though builds up your energy. At the end of a session you will feel warmth, calm & De-stressed, light & awake.

About Qigong

Qigong is a method of self cultivation of life force energy. It is the energy from Food, fluids and Air that circulate in our body, and if we learn how to purify it and utilize it in a better way, our life will be enhanced.
Qigong is a gentle practice of certain movements that coordinate breathing and postures, in a very specific way. These set of movements were explored and determined by ancient adepts of Tao and sages of mystics that had a goal to extend their life and stay healthy and strong as long as possible. They found different tools and practices to enhance life force energy and divert Qi to certain areas of the body, for healing and detoxifying. The more we practice Qigong, and learn how to utilize our breath, the less we need “material” food. Air becomes our best friend, and Qi becomes our source of energy.
By practicing Qigong you can achieve mindfulness, mastery of mind and body, inner strength, increased immune system and defensive mechanism, tranquility of mind, centeredness, focus, concentration and more.
Qigong teach you how to find and circulate your Qi. The root is the calm breath-energy circulating at will throughout the body
Learning Qigong is both easy and difficult. It is easy because sitting or standing quietly and breathing in a special way is easy. But it is difficult because then you need to learn to quiet the mind \that runs with 10,000 thoughts, which is not easy. Calming the Mind and relaxing the muscles is difficult, but once you can do it, it’s easy