Plant medicine ceremonies

We work with various sacred pant medicines ceremonially, serving and holding a pure and safe container to participants.

Ceremonies are offered to groups during our shamanic retreats, but as well in service for couples or one-on-one with special appointment.

Orpheus and his Team has extensive experience in sacred plant medicine realms and loves to share the beauty of this world for anyone who is ready. Taking care from opening the space with smudging and prayers, clearing with the sacred tabacco medicine (Mapatcho), guiding the journey with songs and instruments such as guitars and drumming, sometimes lighting a fire – all the way until the closing of the ceremony with the grounding down of energy and making sure everybody has come back from the journey.

Our intention is holding space for a experiential journey full of wisdom and lessons to learn.

We love serving:
Mucao – Mushroom / Cacao blend
San Pedro (Watchuma)