Shamanic Tribal Acupuncture

In an open space setting we welcome participants to experience a gentle non-painful Acupuncture, in a unique style Orpheus developed.

A deep healing process where we being together Medicine from the east and west, the tradition of healing with acupuncture from ancient China joined with the healing powers of the shamanic world.

The process invites participant into a group setting to set intention for their personal healing need on any level from the physical to the spiritual.

Intuitively Orpheus is guided to where to open energy pathways with acupuncture, where afterward the team holds a sacred space with shamanic sounds and energy clearing such as smudging.

In this journey each person is going through their personal healing journey as well as a collective group healing.

Orpheus has been practicing Chinese medicine since over 15 years and several years brings shamanic tools into his sacred work. 


The concept of shamanic tribal acupuncture is inspired by community acupuncture in China and shamanic rituals from Native American. This experience is unique and can bring deep transformation and healing. 

 It is a healing session, that connect tools from East to West. Each participant comes with his own intention and call. Orpheus is guided by his spirits to intuitively apply acupuncture in energy points on each person’s body, according to their needs and intention.

The space turns into a holy zone and kept by Orpheus and his team with smudging, sounds, music and prayers. It is a group journey, yet a very individual healing experience takes place.

Orpheus is a trained professional acupuncturist, working with Chinese medicine for 19 years.