Shamanic journey ceremony


A deep healing journey workshop of 3 hours, including opening movement, music, guided journey and sharing circle/ interpretations in the end.

We offer a Shamanic journey ceremony, which is a powerful tool to connect to your spirit animals, deepen the relation between body/mind and soul in order for you to strengthen and clear your understanding of your soul’s path.

It is a guided journey akin to Astral traveling and Lucid dreaming – a pure non-substance experience that is safe, yet very potent. You will meet your spirit guides and totem animals that accompany you and illuminate your way to the soul’s journey and your destiny in all areas of life.

Accompanied by live drumming (Mother Earth heartbeat), voices and shamanic sounds to support your journey.

Participant receive multi-dimensional healing, messages and open ancient connections, to help their development and growth or find answers to inner questions. We give guidance and interpretation at the end.


We open the ceremony with an opening circle of explanation, followed by tribal dance movement, with freedom of expression to ecstatic beats. This will help participants to release any tensions from the day and prepare the body to a deeper relaxation. 

Then we will dive into the guided meditation that will help participant to enter into the theta-brain wave, which leads up to a trance-like imaginary space of visions and magical encounters.

We closed the journey by calling everyone back to the room and present moment.

Then we call for a sharing circle to clarify any unresolved questions and set intention for the ongoing path.


This gentle guided meditation led by a teacher/shaman opens the road for you to visit parallel dimensions as well as upper or lower worlds. For centuries Native American Indians were using the tool of lucid dreaming to find answers and receive guidance from the spirits.

Oroheus has guided Shamanic Journey’s at festivals and retreats for several years.

Find below video documentation of three years Boom festival: