Cacao Ceremony

and Ecstatic Dance journey 

Orpheus and B Team brings you a special blend of Cacao drink, in a gentle ceremonial way, with live music and a conscious DJ set, to take you on a mystical journey of free movement in space. 

We invite you to just be. To release. To relax. To give and receive support from the wonderful and inspiring brothers and sisters who will be with us under the same intention… the intention of unity, self-love and love for the whole one which we are all part of. Everything in a loving and allowing space, which we will create together.

The medicine of the Cacao is our ally in this intentions. Cacao has been used for thousands of years by Native Americans in shamanic and spiritual rituals as a medicine that opens and changes consciousness. It opens the heart, dissolves defences and barriers and encourages us to connect to ourselves and to the here and now. Theobromine in Cacao is known by the native tribes as the ”drink of the kings” and still is consumed regularly and as a medicinal product with many other benefits.

We brew for you a special decoction of Cacao and uplifting ingredients (a secret blend of cardamon, cinnamon and more) to create an opening heart sensation and a releasing tension experience. 

Our Cacao Ceremony will start with a short introduction to the cacao medicine, it’s history and benefits. We will guide you through our general intentions and encourage you to set you personal intention or request to the cacao goddess.

While the Cacao runs in your body and blood we open the circle with few live songs and prayers, allowing the group to share or express. Accompanying you with sacred music, sharing some of our favourite medicine songs, connecting and opening to the healing vibration of sound. Slowly we are going to activate our body and take all participants into an ecstatic dance journey. An hour of powerful and free dance, completely let go of all expectation and sense of limitation. 

This Ecstatic dance is based on a conscious selection of music that touch the four elements in nature. The journey flows from within Earth through water, into fire and ends with the winds of change. We emphasis free expression and no judgement while we dance, and give occasional gentle guidance to those who wish. It is a journey beyond time around the globe, which is led by our DJ Orpheus B, who brings world music to inspire you to move and dance freely in a safe container.