B-HOME Sanctuary Costa Rica

A retreat center located in the Diamante Valley. B-home is a spiritual hub of people dedicated to self growth and development, hosting tribal gatherings and spiritual activities. We offer private healing sessions and retreats for groups, singles or couples. This is the place to experience peaceful coexistence in raw and wild nature.

A place for healing, connecting and experiencing life in a deeper and more profound way. Elevating the awareness of being through daily practices, homegrown food and celebration of the present moment each moment!


We are offering many possibilities to create a wonderful experience within the portal of the sanctuary.

Meditation Cave • yoga and movement deck • temazcal • therapy and study station • musical instruments

Nature fresh water pool • playground and hangmats • indoor and outdoor fire place

Garden • Farm and greenhouse • herbal heart • plant medicines

Open shared kitchen • shared & private bedrooms • camping site • indoor & outdoor showers • water & compost toilets

B Home Community House


🌺Basic and comfortable accommodation – shared spaces of 2/3 people – shared bathrooms
🌺Private Zen Cabins in Nature – open outdoor experience
🌺Secluded Jungle Cabin with private outdoor shower and toilet
🌺Placing your tent is welcomed


We love to share our unique gifts for the purpose of supporting the healing of personal journeys as well as rising awareness in the global consciousness.

Working with healing modalities that help us address wounds in the depth of the unconscious and subconscious realms, we create channels for individuals to connect with their higher self and learn how to self-heal. We are just here to help making the connection with your soul to make the necessary adjustments to align to your highest potential.

We love to support you on this journey!


An abundance of fruits such a Bananas, Mangos, Cacao are growing on our farm, as well as pineapple, papaya, noni, jackfruit and many more. A greenhouse is hosting various kinds of leafy greens and tomatoes for our daily salad. We love to eat mostly vegan and raw fresh from the farm, we create fresh cold press juices and smoothies which are supplement with superfoods, raw dishes and sweet treats using our dehydrator. And every meal is generously blessed with our love and pure intention to nourish and heal our body and soul.

A conscious community in a magical valley

Experiencing life on a different level.

A tremendous expansion is brought to this portal through the connection of tribe members. Incredibly gifted souls have found their homes in the valley to pursuit their mission of bringing healing and awareness to this earth.

The B Home Sanctuary is dedicated to creating a space for soul expansion and embodying the practice of being awareness, with oneself, with fellow beings and the total surrounding. Sharing conscious nourishment of body and soul daily.

The Living Library is a university of alive medicinal plants and mushrooms, creating a space to preserve and protect their essence as well as teaching everyone interested about their existence.

Cacao Magic is a healing chocolate of unroasted and untreated raw cacao beans created by a conscious family of the valley for the purpose of sacred cacao ceremony and daily medicinal dosage.

Raven’s Remedies is a mission to bring healing through absolutely natural and pure herbal tinctures. May it be a parasite cleanse or remedy to urinary tract infections, Raven has the right herbs for you and offers generously her wisdom of the many plants and herbs.

Home Birthing is a supported practice here in the valley, where many women have brought through their magical children. Bekka is an experienced midwife coaching and preparing more and more pregnancies to be completed in house and Lauren serves as a dula sister to upcoming mummies.

Ecomaste and Shala Sol host visitors from all over the world, offering a variety of rooms to stay in to accommodate the little valley tourism as well as big retreat groups for yoga and other activities.