B The Way

User manual for human beings

This Book is a step by step guide to improve your daily life, physical health and spiritual awareness. Taking you through all aspects of living, you learn the essential methods and tools to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist philosophy, Orpheus B, who studied 22 years in expanded fields Consciousness, Healing and Energy, brings his experience into a practical application.
This book will take you on a journey to discover your inner treasures and ways to manifest and cultivate it. It is a guide for a healthier and holistic way of living written with clarity, humour and wit.

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Orpheus describes:
“My soul envisioned the journey of collecting knowledge from different traditions and combine it into one text. Allowing as many humans to tap into this knowledge and practice it as part of their daily life.”

Enjoy this trailer of Orpheus introducing his book!